Another one of those days

Its another one of those days. Everything sells down on the market and bad news seems everywhere. Today the sell off was a result of Apple lowering guidance. I guess for some odd reason the Chinese are buying fewer phones because they are pissed off at America about the tariff and trade issues.

The bigger questions about today’s sell off are still: is the economy really weakening? Is the trade war going to soften or resolve? Is the government shutdown going to end soon?

I think the answer to a softening economy question is that the economy is slowing, but we still added 100,000 new jobs over expectations on today’s report (good news which was ignored). And slowing doesn’t mean a recession, it means positive growth, but just a slower pace.

I also think the trade war finds common ground and softens sooner than later. It is in both the US and China’s best interest to find a solution and I think they will.

The government shutdown won’t go on much longer. Someone is going to give.

What happens when the worries go away? All we are left with is a growing economy, low inflation, everyone who wants a job has one, and the world isn’t all that bad….oh and the stock market is cheaper than it was. People say to buy low….right?

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